Care is part of our ethos. Our people are just as important as our product and service.

While the pandemic has impacted us greatly, we’ve gotten back on our feet with a new approach to production.

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We acknowledge COVID-19 as an existential threat that could potentially harm people on set, and because we take safety seriously, we’ve established a COVID-19 approach to help keep everyone safe.

It all starts with crew sizes. We’re keeping crew members and overall personnel on set to a minimum. During shoot days, we have a COVID-19 Compliance Officer monitoring interactions and taking everyone’s temperature upon arrival. The call sheet now includes a COVID-19 Safety Protocol Handout & Waiver so that everyone can take the self-assessment check prior to the shoot—and this document must be signed upon arrival.

On set, a hand-washing station and COVID-19 safety supplies are readily available—from back-up face masks to hand sanitizer and hand sanitizing wipes. Catering has also been reimagined to comply with safety guidelines, so we’re offering prepackaged meals, snacks, and water bottles, as well as markers and masking tape for identification purposes (we’re leaving no stone unturned). During meals, we’re prioritizing eating outdoors.

It goes without saying, face masks are a must at all stages of production, with supervised exceptions such as when eating or for on-camera talent. Social distancing of at least six feet is also crucial, with supervised exceptions for crew members and clients, or between crew and talent—with everyone masked.

Some practices have now transitioned to full-remote status, such as casting and wardrobe fittings. For both wardrobe and makeup, the priority is to work with what the talent already has. We’ve also sent travel camera kits for in-home recordings, which although may not work for every project, are a reliable option to consider these days.

Ultimately, we know everyone has different concerns and comfort levels during these times, so we’re here to work with you and help to the best of our ability. We’re all in this together, and we’ll get through this together—with some pretty pictures to show for ourselves.

This could be the start of something beautiful︎